Skiing on ice

City of Helsinki co-creates with health & wellbeing startups

Feb 15, 2021/by taruvirtanen
Helsinki from air

First ever Finnish-Estonian showcase of potential future health tech unicorns

Feb 3, 2021/by taruvirtanen

Health Incubator Helsinki open for applications in February

Jan 27, 2021/by taruvirtanen
Health Capital Helsinki opening party

Health Capital Helsinki’s overview of 2020

Jan 18, 2021/by taruvirtanen

Finnish startup BrainCare created a CE-marked diary app for all neurological diseases

Jan 12, 2021/by taruvirtanen

First ever event to build bridges between investors and Finnish health research

Dec 17, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Sartar Therapeutics wants to revolutionize sarcoma therapy

Dec 10, 2020/by taruvirtanen
VULCAM in iPad

VULCAM fights off sports injuries with advanced 2D video technology

Dec 8, 2020/by taruvirtanen
VEIL.AI team photo

VEIL.AI takes data anonymization and synthetization to the next level

Dec 2, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Brain cancer chromosomes

SCellex targets single cell resolution to boost cancer research

Nov 24, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Watch with notification from Healthzilla

Healthzilla launches a personalized digital lifestyle intervention

Nov 19, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Uute Scientific introduces natural microbes to cosmetic products to boost immune systems

Nov 12, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Sciar brings better documentation to the laboratories through tech tools

Nov 9, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Health TV: Health Data banner

HCH Health TV, 8 Dec 2020: How to benefit from the best Health Data in the world

Nov 4, 2020/by silli

Digital Health Global: Does your country have a health capital? Apparently, Finland has one

Oct 30, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Event at Terkko Health Hub

Terkko Health Hub 3 years – Developing healthcare through co-operation

Oct 29, 2020/by taruvirtanen
MedicubeX eHealth station

MedicubeX brings healthcare to you – via automation

Oct 27, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Medified created a new solution for mental health treatment

Oct 19, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Maculaser combats blindness

Oct 15, 2020/by taruvirtanen

The Future of Health Webinar, 22 Oct 2020: Finding the Right Innovations and Partners

Oct 8, 2020/by taruvirtanen

EpiHeart fights off heart failure with new therapy

Oct 5, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Helsinki skyline gradient

Good Morning from Finland at HIMMS Europe, 7 Sept 2020

Sep 21, 2020/by silli
GE Healthcare Finland factory worker

GE Healthcare Finland steps up production of “life-savers” for the pandemic

Sep 4, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Metropolia launches AI-driven app to help young men win the game of life

Sep 1, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Helsinki skyline gradient

HIMSS Digital Europe, 7-11 Sept 2020

Aug 20, 2020/by silli

Sim­ul­tan­eous elec­trical and mag­netic stim­u­la­tion helped a spinal cord in­jury pa­tient walk again

Aug 18, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Blog: Covid-19 supercharged digital healthcare, says Juha Paakkola

Aug 17, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Event at Allas Sea Pool

Takeda’s Nordic Innovation Hub seeks health startups with patient-first mindset

Aug 11, 2020/by taruvirtanen
Helsinki skyline gradient

Registration for the HIMSS European Digital Event is open

Jul 9, 2020/by taruvirtanen

First episode of HCH Talks podcast: Digital care pathways

Jul 6, 2020/by silli

Finland – from Angry Birds nation to a digital health hub

Jun 30, 2020/by taruvirtanen

MobiHealthNews: Finnish health tech innovators feel the COVID-19 effect

Jun 22, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Survey: Covid-19 has had a positive impact on Finnish companies with health tech solutions

Jun 17, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Covid-19 efforts in Greater Helsinki at a glance

Jun 12, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Finnish health tech startups: Etsimo Healthcare built an AI-based diagnosis engine

Jun 11, 2020/by astakivi
Health Incubator Helsinki logo

The first 11 startups selected for Health Incubator Helsinki

Jun 8, 2020/by taruvirtanen

HCH Health TV, 24 June 2020: Discover how the nation of Angry Birds combats Covid-19 with Digital Care Pathways

Jun 4, 2020/by silli
Lumoral mouthpiece

Finnish health tech startups: Koite Health created a hi-tech mouthwash

May 28, 2020/by taruvirtanen

First ever HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event, 7-11 September 2020

May 26, 2020/by taruvirtanen

Developing digital health solutions – three points to start

May 20, 2020/by admin
HIMSS Nordics webinar speakers

Covid-19: Lessons from the Nordics

May 18, 2020/by admin
TrueMed app cell phone

Finnish health tech startups: TrueMed uses AI to fight counterfeits

May 13, 2020/by admin

Finnish research: The world’s first AI-based algorithm capturing changes in TBI prognosis

May 13, 2020/by admin

10 mil­lion euros in­vest­ment boosts Finnish cap­ab­il­it­ies in cancer im­mun­o­ther­apy

May 12, 2020/by admin

Finnish health tech startups: Buddy Healthcare aims at 5-star patient experience

May 7, 2020/by admin

Finnish health tech startups: Covid-19 created a boom for Ninchat

May 7, 2020/by admin
Juha Paakkola

Blog: What a year so far, says Juha Paakkola

May 5, 2020/by admin

Health tech online pitching event with Slush China on 22 May – apply by 14 May

May 4, 2020/by admin

A list of Finnish health tech companies with solutions to Covid-19

Apr 17, 2020/by admin

How to track coronavirus symptoms? Buddy Healthcare has an answer

Apr 2, 2020/by admin
Heat camera image

Covid-19: Updating information for companies in Finland

Mar 26, 2020/by admin
Health Incubator Helsinki logo

Health Incubator Helsinki – a unique business development environment to nurture growth of promising health sector start-ups

Mar 18, 2020/by admin
Computer screen

HUS Helsinki University Hospital breaks new ground in the search for international innovation

Mar 17, 2020/by admin
Aching knee

Finnish health tech startups: Askel Healthcare fights cartilage damage via impressive implant

Feb 24, 2020/by admin

New high-tech mouthwash uses light to kill harmful bacteria on teeth

Feb 14, 2020/by admin

A smart jump­suit provides in­for­ma­tion on in­fants’ move­ment and de­vel­op­ment

Feb 14, 2020/by admin

MobiHealthNews 10 Feb: “Finland one of the go-to areas in Europe when looking at digital health”

Feb 12, 2020/by admin

Helsinki pilots a multisensory room in elderly care

Feb 10, 2020/by admin
Juha Paakkola

Blog: Health Capital Helsinki is here for you, says Juha Paakkola

Feb 4, 2020/by admin

#Finnovations2020: Finland’s ideal health ecosystem for data-driven innovation

Feb 3, 2020/by admin
HIMSS webinar title

HIMSS Webinar: Smart Communities & Cities – cases from Finland

Jan 31, 2020/by admin
Anne Heatherington

Finnish health tech innovation system showcased its strengths to Takeda’s Global R&D

Jan 27, 2020/by admin
Aalto University

In ten years, Aalto University has created a world-class centre of expertise

Jan 23, 2020/by admin

A Finnish doctor created an environment where surgeons can practice before operations

Jan 14, 2020/by admin

Taru Virtanen appointed as Communications Specialist

Dec 10, 2019/by admin

Sirpa Salmi nominated as marketing project manager

Oct 23, 2019/by admin

Turku Pet Centre

Jul 12, 2019/by admin

Health Capital Helsinki has nominated new director

Apr 24, 2019/by admin

Terkko Health Accelerator

Mar 14, 2019/by admin

AI is revolutionising health technology

Mar 1, 2019/by admin

Di­gital health to sup­port pre­ci­sion can­cer medicine in iCAN – a new Academy of Fin­land flag­ship

Feb 5, 2019/by admin

25 European medtech and life sciences start-ups to watch in 2019

Jan 28, 2019/by admin

Story of magnetic resonance imaging device tells of courage and determination

Jan 15, 2019/by admin

How To Make The Most Of Finnish Real-World Data

Dec 14, 2018/by admin

The most exciting Finnish health tech startups of 2018

Dec 13, 2018/by admin

SPARK Finland is now calling for project proposals

Dec 12, 2018/by admin

HIMSS and Health 2.0 – Join us in Finland!

Dec 12, 2018/by admin

Slush Y Science 2018: Science is the basis for good business

Dec 7, 2018/by admin

Planmed and Disior sign collaboration and distribution agreement

Dec 4, 2018/by admin

Health Design 2018: Service design for a personalized patient experience

Nov 30, 2018/by admin

HUS Testbed: product development and validation in an authentic hospital environment

Nov 20, 2018/by admin

Y Science – Welcome to the science side of SLUSH

Nov 8, 2018/by admin

The next material revolution will start in the forest

Nov 2, 2018/by admin

HIMSS Europe & Health 2.0—spotlight on Finland’s digital health solutions

Oct 29, 2018/by admin

Brain research project led by Aalto University awarded a 10M € grant

Oct 24, 2018/by admin

New mechanism of action discovered in a first-line drug for diabetes

Oct 18, 2018/by admin

Life Science Valuation Workshop at Terkko, 21st November

Oct 18, 2018/by admin

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence receives €1M funding from The Future Makers program

Oct 17, 2018/by admin

Aalto and University of Helsinki researchers among Skolar 2018 finalists

Oct 11, 2018/by admin

Uni­versity of Helsinki ranks 99th in Times Higher Education World Uni­versity Rank­ing

Sep 27, 2018/by admin

Aalto rises once again in Times Higher Education’s university rankings

Sep 27, 2018/by admin

Or­ion Cor­por­a­tion and Uni­versity of Helsinki join forces in de­vel­op­ing new treat­ments for Mi­to­chon­drial Dis­eases and Pro­gress­ive Myoclo­nus Epi­lepsy

Sep 19, 2018/by admin

Top tools for artificial intelligence and IT presented at Aalto University in August

Aug 30, 2018/by admin

Low an­ti­bi­otic con­cen­tra­tion in the en­vir­on­ment enough to in­crease an­ti­mi­cro­bial res­ist­ance in labor­at­ory con­di­tions

Aug 3, 2018/by admin

Aalto University and University of Helsinki succeeded in the international Shanghai Ranking

Aug 2, 2018/by admin

Stroke throm­bolysis treat­ment in Helsinki beats ex­pect­a­tions

Jul 18, 2018/by admin

New study: LDL qual­ity is a novel, modi­fi­able car­di­ovas­cu­lar risk marker

Jul 12, 2018/by admin

Patient experiences of families with children to improve hospital activities

Jul 11, 2018/by admin

A new col­lab­or­a­tion en­ables novel cell ther­apy treat­ments for HUS pa­tients

Jul 4, 2018/by admin

Fimmic revolutionizes tissue sample analytics using artificial intelligence

Dec 14, 2017/by admin

Herantis Pharma takes drug candidates to the clinic

Oct 16, 2017/by admin

Desentum aims at defeating allergies

Oct 6, 2017/by admin

Askel Healthcare produces biodegradable implants to heal joint cartilage damage

Sep 29, 2017/by admin

ADESANTE takes surgery into virtual reality

Sep 27, 2017/by admin

Genoscoper harnesses genetic data for canine health and sustainable breeding

Sep 22, 2017/by admin

Valo Therapeutics is developing a virus-based immunotherapy to defeat cancer

Sep 14, 2017/by admin

MediSapiens creates knowledge from data

Aug 30, 2017/by admin