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Helsinki Metropolitan – access to world-leading digital health development

Welcome to Finland and Helsinki Metropolitan, a small innovation superpower and the world’s best health ecosystem.

The Helsinki Metropolitan health ecosystem is a collaborative network of world-class healthcare and health R&D, and companies ranging from innovative startups to multinational corporations. It is easy and straightforward to find the right players and do business in the world’s most stable environment.

For a company like Bayer, from both a local and a global perspective, Finland is the ideal base to do research and have production in. For example, we have a global R&D function here in Finland; it is the fifth largest within the Bayer Group. What we really value is the legislation that supports pharmaceutical R&D.

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Finland offers you the ideal business environment with state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure.

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If you’re looking to establish an R&D centre, pilot your concept or find collaboration partners, Helsinki Metropolitan has what it takes.

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The nation’s unique genetic heritage and the comprehensive, electronic health data records make Finland an exceptional research goldmine and a great development platform.

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Helsinki Metropolitan is a great place for developing new health tech solutions and hosts one of the world’s most innovative health startup scenes.

How to keep the happiest country in the world happy?

It takes creativity, commitment and lots of skill. That’s what you find in Helsinki Metropolitan health ecosystem every day.

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Health Capital Helsinki is here to make connections and open the right doors. We serve and support our whole health ecosystem, startups and SMEs, international companies and investors to grow and develop in Helsinki Metropolitan.

Let us be your guide to the capital region and Finland. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you.

Helsinki Metropolitan health ecosystem

Helsinki Health Ecosystem


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