Training and Q&A session: Public procurement system of health care services in Sweden

Team Finland House, Helsinki

Organiser: Business Finland

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many planned visits and operations had to be postponed in Sweden, creating a pent-up need for care. Particular unmet needs are in:

  • Surgery
  • Specialized care
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Historically, health care services abroad for Swedish patients have been limited to small volumes of mainly cancer patients and neonatal patients to Finland. The possibility to provide health care services in the Swedish language is an added value that Finnish health care service providers have compared to competitors.

Join the training and Q&A session, organised by Business Finland, on November 29 and learn more about public procurement regulation and processes related to offering health care services to Sweden.

SPARK Finland program

SPARK Finland is looking for projects targeting new solutions in the health tech and life science space for its next program, starting in January 2022. 

The solution of the proposed project must:

  • address an unmet need in the area of life science, medicine and health
  • utilize a novel approach (and possibly with an opportunity to IP)
  • have the potential to advance to clinic, clinical trials or commercialization within 2-3 years

The application period ends on November 30 at 16.00.


Slush 2021

Messukeskus, Helsinki

Organiser: Slush

Slush 2021 brings together the world’s leading founders, investors, executives, and media for a curated gathering of 8,000 attendees at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center. The event, taking place on December 1–2, offers startups a unique opportunity to meet potential investors and receive concrete advice from the most accomplished founders, experienced operators, and successful investors. 

Y Science 2021 – Slush Official Side Event for Life Sciences

Hybrid: Messukeskus, Helsinki & online

Organiser: HiLife, SynBio Powerhouse and VTT, Health Capital Helsinki, Viikki Food Design Factory

Y Science brings together the curious scientific community and the business world to inspire concrete action and contribution to the society in the field of life sciences. Through a program full of exciting talks and startup pitches, Y Science will promote the value of the science-based business and encourage scientists to embrace a different way of thinking about impact. The event offers also a great opportunity to network with other attendees and set up meetings using Y Science's own matchmaking app.

The program is divided into the following sessions, each with its own pitching competition:

  • Health and pharma

  • Biotech, synbio, and sustainability

  • Foodtech and agritech

The event is organised hybrid, allowing participants to attend it in person or virtually. Attendance is free-of-charge, but requires registration. No Slush ticket is required, EU Digital Covid Certificate is required.

Register now!

Fingenious-ekosysteemitapahtuma (in Finnish)

Hybridi: THL, Helsinki & etänä

Järjestäjä: THL ja Biopankkien Osuuskunta Suomi – FINBB

Lisää terveys- ja biolääketieteellistä tutkimusta Suomeen

Tapahtuma tuo yhteen biopankki-, rekisteri- ja kliinisen tutkimuksen tekijöitä ja mahdollistajia. Tavoitteena on lisätä terveys- ja biolääketieteellisen tutkimuksen mahdollisuuksia Suomessa ja käydä avointa keskustelua aiheesta. Tapahtuma on kaikille avoin.

Unicorner – Slush Official Side Event

Tiedekulma Think Corner, Helsinki

Organiser: The University of Helsinki and Helsinki Innovation Services

Science-based innovations and spinouts have the proven potential to become hugely successful businesses that truly change the world – as well as the future of those who believed and invested in them early on. 

Register for Unicorner, an official side event of Slush, to hear twelve inspiring science cases and share insights on how to make research-based innovations flourish.

Virtual Reality and Healthcare Europe Symposium ’21

Dublin, Ireland

Organiser: International Virtual Reality Healthcare Association (IVRHA)

The 3rd Annual Virtual Reality and Healthcare Europe Symposium offers you an opportunity to:

  • Discover the latest advancement in VR for healthcare training, education, research, and clinical therapeutics
  • Network with leading clinical and pharma institutions from around the global
  • Gain insights and best practices necessary to successfully implement VR into your clinical practice

Finnish companies will get a 50% reduction on pricing. Please contact Maria Lavonen ( for details.

Tekoäly töissä -webinaarisarja: Tekoäly- ja dataregulaatio käytännössä – mitä yritysten pitää huomioida? (in Finnish)


Järjestäjä: AI-TIE – Tekoälyinnovaatioekosysteemillä kilpailukykyä PK-yrityksille -hanke

Miten tekoäly- ja dataregulaatiot vaikuttavat tekoälyratkaisuja kehittävien yritysten toimintaan käytännössä? Minkälaisissa tapauksissa tulee olla erityisen tarkkana?

Tekoäly- ja dataregulaatio käytännössä - mitä yritysten pitää huomioida? -webinaarissa kuullaan aihetta koskevaa uusinta sisältöä. Tilaisuuden puhujina toimivat Sami Laine Siili Solutions Oyj:ltä ja Kristine Alanko Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriön Tekoäly 4.0 -ohjelmasta. 

Tapahtuma on osa maksutonta Tekoäly töissä -webinaarisarjaa. Osallistumalla vähintään kahteen Tekoäly töissä -sarjan webinaariin saat halutessasi sertifikaatin osallistumisestasi.

Ilmoittautuminen webinaariin sulkeutuu 30.11.

Webinaari: Dallataan yhdessä – mitä yrittäjä tarvitsee kehittääkseen liikunta- ja hyvinvointipalveluita seniorikansalaisille? (In Finnish)


Järjestäjä: Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulu, Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu, Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu

Tervetuloa mukaan Dallataan yhdessä – mitä yrittäjä tarvitsee kehittääkseen liikunta- ja hyvinvointipalveluita seniorikansalaisille? -webinaariin!

Metropolian, Haaga-Helian ja Laurean yhteisen Dallaten-hankkeen käynnistävässä webinaarissa kuullaan asiantuntijapuheenvuoroja:

  • Hyvinvointi- ja liikunta-alan korona-ajan jälkeisestä tilanteesta 
  • Palveluiden asiakaslähtöisestä kehittämistä
  • Lean Startup -menetelmästä ja sen mahdollisuuksia entistä toimivamman liiketoiminnan rakentamiselle 

Webinaari on maksuton, mutta osallistuminen edellyttää ennakkoilmoittautumista. Voit ilmoittautua tapahtumaan täällä

Impact health: International investments are rocket fuel for Finnish health innovations

Slush, Helsinki Partners Lounge, Messukeskus (Exhibitors’ Lounge, Kokoustamo wing, 2nd floor)

Organiser: Helsinki Partners and Health Capital Helsinki.

Welcome to Helsinki Partners lounge to network and learn about the business opportunities and ecosystems in Helsinki!

The Impact Health event is all about connecting Finnish world-class health innovations with international investors. Join us for a panel discussion with international and Finnish investors and health startups:

Esko Raunio, Managing Director of Business Finland Venture Capital (FIN) – Panel moderator
Kaisa Helminen, COO of Aiforia Technologies Oy (FIN) – Entrepreneur of a growth company
Tanja Dowe, CEO of Depiopharm Innovation Fund (CH) – Investor
Pekka Simula, Senior Advisor, Innovestor Ventures (FIN) – Investor

After the panel discussion you will have the opportunity to network at Helsinki Partners Lounge.

Access to the event is free because the lounge is located outside the Slush venue and has its own entrance. Registration is required.

Helsinki and Japan Designing Better Life: Innovating for Better Healthcare

Organisers: City of Helsinki, Helsinki Partners, Health Capital Helsinki, Health Incubator Helsinki, with partners

The Helsinki Metropolitan area is an excellent location for developing new, innovative health tech solutions. Out of about 400 health-related startups in Finland – one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world –, one hundred are located in Helsinki Metropolitan. A key feature of the local ecosystem is collaboration: universities, research institutions and companies consistently work together in pursuit of exciting new innovation.

In the event, the City of Helsinki is presenting the Finnish & Helsinki Metropolitan health ecosystem, innovative solutions, and valuable business opportunities in Helsinki to Japanese companies - and everyone interested. Join to learn the latest information, the benefits of doing business in Finland, and inspiring stories from various companies.

The event is part of the Helsinki Designing Better Life series of events organised by the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Partners in 2021. The event is bilingual, accessible in both English and Japanese. Register for the free event now!

Health Tuesday: E3 – Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions


Organiser: Business Finland

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable societies all over the world are against pandemics. E3, Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions Co-Innovation project aims to find research-based solutions to improve economic and societal resilience to face future pandemics. The project is primarily focused on the different pathways of pathogens and viruses, virus control and detection methods that can be used to find solutions to keep indoor air clean and safe in offices, public spaces, and vehicles.

Register for the next Health Tuesday event, taking place on December 7, and learn more about the rapidly growing area of indoor health safety.