Mar 11, 2022

HUS Helsinki University Hospital ranked as one of the world’s best hospitals

HUS Helsinki University Hospital is ranked as no. 42 on the World’s Best Hospitals 2022 list by U.S. magazine Newsweek.

Newsweek bases its ranking on three main categories: hospital recommendations from medical experts, patient survey reports and medical key performance indicators, including patient safety, hygiene measures and quality of treatment. The list covers over 2,200 hospitals in 27 countries.

During the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges to many medical institutions. According to Newsweek, the world’s leading hospitals have managed to deliver the highest-quality patient care and conduct critical medical research in the midst of the global pandemic. 

HUS Helsinki University Hospital was this year ranked as no. 42 on Newsweek’s list. From the Nordic countries with a population of only 27 million people combined, a total of 5 hospitals made it to top 50 hospitals in the ranking.