Oct 3, 2023

Presenting Health Incubator Helsinki batch 4 companies:

MediVerse brings a doctor to you 24/7

Digital health startup MediVerse aims to improve access to healthcare with their AI-powered telemedicine platform. The platform enables convenient and affordable healthcare at all hours, and is targeted for markets where smartphone penetration is high and the healthcare system is not strong enough. The startup is one of the companies chosen for the Health Incubator Helsinki 2023 programme.

Health technology is increasingly empowering patients to take charge of their own health. For example, wearable devices not only collect information on activity and sleep, but they can also be used to continuously measure blood sugar levels or heart health, among other health factors.

MediVerse is creating a platform where patients can integrate health data from wearable devices with their own medical history. Artificial intelligence will then analyse the information and provide the patient with real-time suggestions to improve their health. Additionally, through the platform, patients who wish to consult with a healthcare professional directly can do so 24/7, providing instantly necessary medical information to the doctor through a user-friendly interface.

Telemedicine platform designed for doctors

MediVerse’s healthcare platform has been designed predominantly with healthcare professionals in mind, allowing them to provide optimal care with ease. As an example, the platform includes an automated alert system that warns physicians against prescribing medications containing allergen-containing ingredients. Significantly, the platform is being developed in a way that healthcare providers in different time zones can easily access the system, allowing meaningful patient care even in the odd hours.

MediVerse is focusing on markets where smartphone penetration is high and the healthcare system is not strong enough. This enables patients to reach healthcare providers easily and reduces the load on the national health system.

Photo: MediVerse founders Ahmed Anwar Hasan (left) and Mahmood Ulhaq

MediVerse is focusing on markets where smartphone penetration is high and the healthcare system is not strong enough.

Healthier citizens, decreased load on healthcare system

MediVerse co-founders Mahmood Ulhaq and Ahmed Anwar Hasan are already testing their telehealth platform in Bangladesh, where a simple trip to the doctor 20 km away can take 3-5 hours due to heavy traffic. This can discourage patients from visiting a doctor with severe negative consequences on their health.

Ulhaq adds that the patient’s benefits are also financial depending on where their doctor is located.

“Seeing a doctor in Bangladesh costs $10-$12, while a doctor in Tanzania charges $25 to $35.”

Decreased stress on the local healthcare system and healthier citizens create space for economic growth.

MediVerse logo

Startup Fast Facts

Name: MediVerse

Tech in one sentence: AI-powered telemedicine platform to empower patients to be in charge of their health 24/7

Product: An online platform to facilitate secure and user-friendly consultation between patients and healthcare providers, as well as enable remote healthcare management

Target market launch: January 2024

Founded: 2023

Team size: 2 founders, 6 total

Funding raised (by 10/2023): Bootstrapped USD120,000

Health Incubator Helsinki bringing guidance and connections

MediVerse is setting up their head office in Helsinki, Finland, and was advised by Business Finland to apply for the Health Incubator Helsinki programme for guidance and support on monitoring and adhering to the European regulation.

“When we got in, we knew it was the right decision,” Ulhaq says.

The team was provided with office space but also much more beyond their original expectations. Even with the team’s extensive experience in corporate culture, for example, Health Incubator Helsinki has provided opportunities to pick the minds of investors and other stakeholders.

Health Incubator Helsinki provided top-class guidance and one-on-one mentorship when we needed to tweak our business a little.

MediVerse’s small and passionate team is working towards a clear vision, and hopes to incorporate other health tech solutions into their platform inspired by their experience within the program.

“There are multiple opportunities through Health Incubator Helsinki. They communicate and network with others, and bring other companies and organisations together in many events,” Ulhaq says.

“In fact, until I became part of Heath Incubator Helsinki I never knew that there are other companies around me which we can bring in.”

Currently, MediVerse is looking for investors and collaborators to revolutionise healthcare while making a social impact.

Text: Rita Turpin, Giuliano Didio