Healthtech Finland is is an industry association and part of Technology Industries of Finland. The association is also a community for fostering industry’s growth and collective knowledge. Take a look at the publication Healthtech Finland 2018 that includes the latest export statistics with case examples.

Helsinki University Hospital enables health technology companies to develop and validate their devices and services in an authentic hospital environment through HUS Testbed service.

The Virtual Hospital 2.0 (Virtuaalisairaala 2.0 ) initiative created Health Village (Terveyskylä.fi). This initiative was established to create client-oriented digital healthcare services for general public, patients and professionals. It is supporting an operational change in the health sector instead of just digitalising old services or providing new services within the old service framework. This is done by building 3 levels of services under the brand Health Village (Terveyskylä.fi): one for all general public, second for patients, and third for professionals. The services have been built by 1,500 health care professionals plus IT-, data- and communications professionals from the university hospitals together with patients.

CleverHealth Network, established in 2017, is a health technology ecosystem in which companies and health care experts develop better treatment solutions for Finns and successful export products for companies. Product and service innovations are based on HUS’s extensive health data and the leading expertise of clinicians. CleverHealth Network’s vision is to be an internationally renowned ecosystem, which processes and cultivates health and welfare data, a forerunner in the health care revolution, and to create dozens of world-class solutions related to the cultivation of healthcare data.