Y Science – Welcome to the science side of SLUSH

Y Science – an official SLUSH side event by University of Helsinki, HiLIFE and SLUSH – brings forth the value of life science -based business and encourages scientists to embrace a different way of making an impact.

SLUSH Y Science is opened by Edward Jung (Intellectual Ventures), one of the top 15 inventors in history and a founder of multiple companies. Jung is a global keynote speaker on innovation strategy, technology trends, and mega-scale cross-border collaboration. Rodrigo Mallo Leiva from RebelBio – the world’s first life sciences accelerator – will guide the participants through the event.

 The 3-hour program of SLUSH Y Science is structured into three sections:

  1. Outstanding scientists showcase beautiful life science with exciting implications for a wide variety of different fields, including vessel formation, reprogramming of mammalian cells, pollination, bioimaging, and utilization of nanocellulose.
  2. The Life Science Pitching competition for early phase startups – a joint project supported by nine partnering universities. The winner will be granted 30 000 € to take their exciting idea further! All finalists will receive a pitching training from experienced communication specialists before the event.
  3. Opportunities to catch and connections to make: European Innovation Council as an instrument for supporting startups
    • Testa Center as an option for advancing bioprocess development
    • Quantum computing as a new technology with potential implications for life science
    • Headhunting as a bridging tool between academia and business

In addition, Y Science shares the matchmaking tool with SLUSH for increased networking options. There will be one-to-one meeting options, and a roll-up networking area at the event.


5th Dec 2018
9–12 am


Conference centre Siipi, Messukeskus

Y Science evening programs will be announced on the event website. The event is free of charge, but pre-registration is required.

Additional information & registration: https://www.y-science.org/