The most exciting Finnish health tech startups of 2018

It has yet again been an incredibly booming year in the medical tech and digital health industry. Two health tech events organized at the end of the year, Health Design and Slush Y Science, introduced several exciting pre- and early-stage startups in the field of life sciences and health technology. Here we’ve highlighted a selection of the hottest Finnish health tech startups of 2018 – stay tuned for more news from these rising stars!

Adamant Health

Adamant Health is an early-phase startup developing wearable NeuroTracking hardware and software for home-based monitoring of patients with Parkinson’s disease. The technology tracks electrical muscle activity and motion, as well as helps to adjust drug and deep brain stimulation treatment. Clinical trials are currently ongoing in collaboration with Kuopio University Hospital and HUS Helsinki University Hospital. Adamant Health won its way to the Health Design pitching competition finals.


BrainCare won the Health Design pitching competition 2018 with their solution for the long-term monitoring of epilepsy patients. Their implant technology UltimateEEG is an intelligent solution for smarter diagnostics and epilepsy treatment planning. SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary is the world’s first epilepsy application for seizure follow-up with a medical device rating and a CE mark, indicating conformity with EEA health and safety standards. Data is stored in the SOENIA™ Epilepsy Cloud which is integrated with visual filtering tools for clinicians.

Hapekas Medical

Hapekas Medical is a Slush Y Science pitching competition finalist that is developing solutions for safer open-heart surgeries and post-operative surveillance. Their easy-to-use technology is based on optical sensors that monitor oxygen levels in the heart in real time, both during and after surgery.

“Hapekas Medical – making open heart surgeries safer, more cost-effective and less stressful for both the patient and surgeon”

–Sami Elamo, Hapekas Medical


MAKNEE is developing non-invasive solutions for the evaluation of osteoarthritis and several other knee joint injuries. MAKNEE technology allows a faster transition from diagnostics to treatment. It is currently being studied in horses in a the University of Helsinki Equine Hospital trial. This early stage startup is a winner of the 2018 Slush Y Science Life Science Pitching contest.


MoMic is a mobile microscopy device developed by University of Helsinki’s Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) researchers. The device utilizes automated diagnostics supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and is based on low-cost components originally developed for mobile phones. Clinical studies on the use of mobile microscopy for point-of-care diagnostics were started in 2016 in collaboration with Helsinki Innovation Services and Karolinska Institutet. MoMic is currently being tested both in field conditions in Tanzania and in Finnish hospitals. MoMic made its way to the Health Design pitching competition finals.


Osgenic’s mission is to design safer surgery environments – both from the patients’ and surgeons’ perspective. They aim at ensuring better medical education according to two main principles: 1) simulation-based training and 2) skill transfer from simulation to the operating room. For this task Osgenic has harnessed virtual reality simulators that are particularly useful for training cognitive and psychomotor skills.


The PREP lab is studying the role of prolyl oligopeptidase (PREP) in Alzheimers’ and Parkinson’s disease – two debilitating neurogenerative diseases that threaten tens of millions of people in the ageing populations. Recently, PREP Lab received four years of Academy of Finland research project funding and two years of TUTLI project funding from Business Finland for conducting research that aims at the commercialization and clinical trials of their PREP inhibitor.

Sartar Therapeutics Ltd

Sartar Therapeutics is developing novel personalized therapies for patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) who have run out of therapy options. Sartar’s anti-GIST product anagrelide is an old drug molecule that has been reformulated by using a silica matrix technology that was developed by DelSiTech. Sartar Therapeutics participated in the Slush Y Science pitching competition finals and is currently looking for funding for further product development activities.

“With anagrelide we have achieved a 36% reduction in tumor size in just 10 days – and that’s fast”

–Harri Sihto, Sartar Therapeutics

Xfold Imaging

Xfold Imaging develops solutions for biomedical imaging applications with up to 100-fold signal enhancement and customized nano-structured glass slides based on surface-enhanced bioimaging (SEBI) technology. Xfold allows the study of cellular structures and biomolecules at nanoscale resolutions and has potential applications in biomedical research, diagnostics and drug development. Xfold Imaging took part in the Slush Y Science pitching competition finals.

Health Design 2018 was held on Nov 29th in Espoo, Finland, and Slush Y Science on Dec 5th in Helsinki, Finland.