Creates knowledge from data!

The digital revolution is well underway for life sciences and health technologies. As methods develop, diverse health-related data is constantly accumulated. However, data itself is not useful unless it is processed to obtain knowledge. Efficient Bio-IT solutions are required to convert large amounts of raw data into information that produces scientific and commercial value, promotes health, and facilitates novel innovations. MediSapiens, the leading Finnish Bio-IT company, provides data solutions for customers with a broad range of needs – from the pharmaceutical industry to biomedical research.

From PhD project to leading Bio-IT solution provider

MediSapiens originated from CEO Sami Kilpinen’s PhD thesis, which focused on the development of bioinformatics solutions for the needs of cancer research. The data systems Kilpinen created attracted commercial interest, which resulted in the establishment of MediSapiens in 2009.

The company has grown quickly and it currently employs over 30 people from various backgrounds. The multidisciplinary staff consists of professional software developers, bioinformaticians, as well as sales and marketing personnel. MediSapiens has core competencies in the management, analysis, and visualisation of genomic, biomedical, and clinical data.

“We are developing tailored Bio-IT solutions for any life science or medical health application”, Kilpinen clarifies and continues, “in addition to expertise in software development, we possess a strong scientific background. Importantly, this combination of skills provides us the ability to add value to the implementation of customer projects, beyond what traditional IT-companies are able to offer.”

Internationalization can also be achieved by importing expertise into Finland

MediSapiens is truly an international company: “We began international business right after MediSapiens was founded, an affiliated company has been established in the US, and in 2016 approximately 88% of our annual revenue was received from international sales”, Kilpinen describes.

In the near future, MediSapiens is aiming for even bigger growth: In particular, the company is investing into commercialization, sales, and marketing, and is about to extend its operations in the US and Asia. However, Kilpinen points out, that although a company can go global by establishing affiliate business abroad, internationalization can also be achieved by importing expertise into Finland.

Kilpinen regards incorporation of diverse cultures as a benefit and strength: “Especially language skills are essential for successful marketing and sales operations in the global business environment.”

Life science and health technology business is expanding fast

According to Kilpinen, Finnish companies have growth potential and great appeal, “Finns are regarded as engineers proficient in high-technology. Finnish companies are reliable and meet expectations – these traditional Finnish values should be highlighted in global marketing activities.”

Nevertheless, Kilpinen adds, “We still need to learn to understand the scale in which sales and marketing endeavours are required.”

As an example, Kilpinen tells that Finnish health and genome data sets have drawn plenty of attention internationally. Unfortunately, they are not readily available due to lack of completed commercialization and productization.

“Open discussion between the private and public sector is ongoing to fully benefit from the existing know-how and expertise in the commercialization of services and business”, Kilpinen summarizes.