HUS Testbed: product development and validation in an authentic hospital environment

HUS Helsinki University Hospital offers a unique service for medical and health tech enterprises. HUS Testbed is a collaborative environment for companies to develop and test their products and services in an authentic hospital environment.

HUS Testbed showcased their activities in an open day in Nov 16th, 2018 at the Women’s Hospital operation room at HUS. HUS Testbed Head of Development Satu Pesola and her team presented the testbed environment and the scope of current collaborations with companies and clinics.

HUS Testbed offers device and service usability testing in a real user environment for multinational, large, SME and startup companies in collaboration with the staff in HUS. It also enables education, survey, and research collaboration.

HUS – Helsinki University Hospital enables health technology companies to develop and validate their devices and services in an authentic hospital environment through HUS Testbed. The service provides a structured access to the hospital and contributes to business development in the healthcare sector.

Read more and send an inquiry on HUS Testbed website if you’re interested in starting a collaboration with HUS Testbed.