HIMSS Webinar:

Smart Communities & Cities – cases from Finland

Listen to the recording of the HIMSS webinar from 21 January 2020. Length: 1 hour

Communities across the globe are investing public and private resources with the intent of creating Smart cities, communities, and nations. This webinar covers case studies from Finland that demonstrate the evolution of integrated smart health solutions such as Smart Hospitals, Smart Communities, Smart Homes that are crafted to address health imperatives, for example mental health and access to care.

Listen to what Dr. Matti Holi has to share about developing novel solutions for more accessible mental care at Helsinki University Hospital. Next, Tuure Parkkinen from Meru Health presents a potential digital tool to alleviate the symptoms of various mental disorders. Thirdly, Jussi Kajovaara from Megical talks about the reliability and accessibility of patient data overall. The discussion is led by Kaisu Sutinen and Juha Paakkola with Health Capital Helsinki.